Senior Stylist

I hate when things are messy, and I love to create order when there is chaos! I also love to meet and talk to people.

How long have you been hairdressing for?
12 years. 

What service do you enjoy most?
I LOVE cutting hair! Not necessarily cutting off a lot (however I love that too!) but shaping, texturising, outlining and basically making a clients hair do something that they never thought was possible. With that being said, I love to create the whole look from colour to cutting and styling. Doing upstyles is definitely something I also take pride in doing.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Being from Denmark, the scenery and landscape is very different from what I grew up in, so I love discovering Cairns and North QLD going 4wd driving with my husband and dog. A night out with a good dinner and drinks is definitely something I like doing too.

What do you love about Eclectic?
I love that at Eclectic we are all team players who have professional pride and an awesome sense of humour!