Senior Stylist

I grew up in a salon with my two aunties as hairdressers and that’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was young. I then did work experience in year 10 and loved it – they offered me an apprenticeship and I started from there.
I have been hairdressing for 17 years. I started off doing work experience and they offered me an apprenticeship.
I love the creative side of hairdressing, no style is the same on a client so that keeps you quite creative – whether its colour, a hair cut or upstyle. I always love seeing the finished outcome.
My family and I love to travel the world, seeing new places and trying amazing food and experiencing different cultures. But when we are at home we love to stoke the wood fired pizza oven and chill with family and friends.
Eclectic Hair has come so far from the humble beginnings and it is so nice to see where it is today. Working with these girls is like having a warm family away from home.

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